history of

15th International Seminar
on Recent Trends in Charged Particle Optics and Surface Physics Instrumentation

Brno, Czech Republic, May 29 - June 3, 2016


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Barday RomanICT GmbH
Breuer JohnICT GmbH
Daniel BenjaminISI CAS
Drštička MichalDelong Instruments
Dubkov MichaelRyazan State Radio Engineering University
Frank LuděkISI CAS
Funnemann DietmarSPECS Surface Nano Analysis GmbH
Gurov VictorRyazan State Radio Engineering University
Janzen RolandLaboratory for Electron Microscopy, KIT
Jiruše JaroslavTescan Brno, s.r.o.
Johansson MartinSPECS Surface Nano Analysis GmbH
Khursheed AnjamNational University of Singapore
Knápek AlexandrISI CAS
Kolařík VladimírISI CAS
Kolařík VladimírDelong Instruments
Konvalina IvoISI CAS
Kozák MartinFriedrich-Alexander Universität
Krielaart MauriceTU Delft
Lalinský OndřejISI CAS
Lencová BohumilaTescan Brno, s.r.o.
Mika FilipISI CAS
Mohammadi GheidariAli FEI Electron Optics B.V.
Mulin DmytroTescan Brno, s.r.o.
Müller HeikoCEOS GmbH
Müllerová IlonaISI CAS
Ogawa TakashiKorea Research Institute of Standards and Science
Oral MartinISI CAS
Piňos JakubISI CAS
Pokorná ZuzanaISI CAS
Radlička TomášISI CAS
Radovanović DušanTU Delft
Rodenburg CorneliaUniversity of Sheffield
Rodenburg JohnUniversity of Sheffield
Rose HaraldUniversity Ulm
Řiháček TomášISI CAS
Siler MartinISI CAS
Slodička LukášPalacký University
Srinivasan AvinashNational University of Singapore
Trojek JanFEI Czech Republic s.r.o.
Trubitsyn AndreyRyazan State Radio Engineering University
Tuggle DavidFEI
Tyc TomášMasaryk University
Vašina RadovanFEI Czech Republic s.r.o.
Zeman LukášTescan Brno, s.r.o.
Zimmermann RobertFriedrich-Alexander Universität

Sunday May 29

20.00Welcome Party

Monday May 30

09.30Seminar Session I: Electron Energy Filtering (chair: Frank Luděk)
 Rodenburg Cornelia: Secondary Electron Spectroscopy and Energy Selective Imaging for the Engineering of Carbon Based Materials
 Konvalina Ivo: Bandpass Filter for Secondary Electrons in SEM - Simulations
 Mika Filip: Bandpass Filter for Secondary Electrons in SEM - Experiments
11.00Coffee Break
11.30Seminar Session II: Design in Particle Optics I (chair: Rose Harald)
 Khursheed Anjam: Annular Focused Electron Beam Aberration Correctors
 Müller Heiko: Correction of the Chromatic and Spherical Aberration in Low-Voltage Transmission Electron Microscopy
 Ogawa Takashi: Fabrication of Nano-Slits for a Monochromator with Double Offset Cylindrical Lenses
14.30Seminar Session III: Optics of Light (chair: Rodenburg John)
 Tyc Tomáš: Multimode Fibres: Seeing Through Chaos
 Siler Martin: Principal Component Analysis of Raman Spectroscopy Data for Determination of Biofilm Forming Bacteria and Yeasts
15.30Coffee Break
15.45Seminar Session IV: Poster Presentation (chair: Mika Filip)
 Oral presentation of posters by authors in the lecture room, 5 - 7 min. each. A discussion and coffee will take place in front of the posters after the presentations (up to 17.30).
19.00 Dinner with wine and beer

Tuesday May 31

09.30Seminar Session V: Imaging Methods I (chair: Müllerová Ilona)
 Rodenburg John: Optical Arrangements for Phase-Sensitive Imaging using Electron Ptychography
 Piňos Jakub: The Information Depth of Backscattered Electron Imaging
 Pokorná Zuzana: Scanning Very Low Energy Electron Microscopy for the Characterization of Polycrystalline Metal Samples
11.00Coffee Break
11.30Seminar Session VI: Manipulation with Light (chair: Tyc Tomáš)
 Kozák Martin: Electron Manipulation with Light – Acceleration, Streaking and Focusing of Sub-Relativistic Electrons
 Siler Martin: Golden Nanoparticle in Optical Tweezers: Influence of Shape and Orientation on Optical Trapping
 Slodička Lukáš: Trapping and Cooling of Single Ions for Frequency Metrology and Quantum Optics Experiments
14.30Seminar Session VII: Advances in SEM / STEM (chair: Janzen Roland)
 Lalinský Ondřej: New Detectors for Low-Energy BSE
 Daniel Benjamin: Very Low Energy STEM / TOF System
18.00 Open-Air Barbecue

Wednesday June 1

09.30Seminar Session VIII: Imaging Methods II (chair: Khursheed Anjam )
 Rose Harald: Efficient Linear Phase Contrast and Optical Sectioning in the Aberration-Corrected Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope
 Müllerová Ilona: Scanning Transmission Microscopy at Very Low Energies
 Frank Luděk: Treatment of Surfaces with Slow Electrons
12.30Coach Trip and hike, followed by a dinner in a restaurant

Thursday June 2

09.30Seminar Session IX: Design in Particle Optics II (chair: Rose Harald)
 Janzen Roland: Towards Understanding of Charging Effects of Thin-Film Phase Plates
 Radlička Tomáš: Correction of Misalignment Aberrations of a Hexapole Corrector Using the Differential Algebra Method
10.30Coffee Break
11.00Seminar Session X: Advances in SEM / STEM (chair: Janzen Roland)
 Oral Martin: Optimal X-ray Detection for Thin Samples in Low-Energy STEM
 Řiháček Tomáš: Diffraction in a Scanning Electron Microscope
 Kolařík Vladimír: Large-Area Gray-Scale Structures in E-beam Writer versus Area Current Homogeneity and Deflection Uniformity
14.00Seminar Session XI: Sources (chair: Radlička Tomáš)
 Alexandr Knápek: Field Emission from the Surface of Highly Ordered Pyrolytic Graphite
 Srinivasan Avinash: A Graphene Ring-Cathode Field Emitter
 Radovanović Dušan: Development of the Nano Aperture Ion Source (NAIS)
15.30Seminar Session XII: Conclusions
19.00 Concert
20.15 Farewell Dinner

Friday June 3



Dubkov Michael:Using Longitudinal Linear Field to Improve the Focusing Properties of Quadrupole Lenses in the Area of Fringing Fields
Gurov Victor:Ion Collection System for SIMS
Johansson Martin:Modeling of Magnetic Lenses for Spin Polarization Manipulation
Krielaart Maurice:Electron Grating Mirror for Quantum Electron Microscopy
Khursheed Anjam:Further Developments in Radial Mirror Energy Analyzer Design
Kolařík Vladimír:SEM LEEM – New Type of Electron Mirror Microscopy
Trubitsyn Andrey:A Microfocus X-ray Tube with High Power
Zimmermann Robert:Elements of a Guided Electron Based Quantum Electron Microscope: Electron Guide, Electron Beam Splitter and Electron Resonator

Dr. Filip Mika